Version: 1.11

Keyboard shortcuts

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Keyboard shortcuts are the fastest way to get around in PureRef. Make them yours by customizing them, and even set the context in which they respond.

Find a list of all the default shortcuts here.



Actions are the function that is triggered when a shortcut is pressed, and they come in 2 types:

Trigger actions are actions that executes as soon as its shortcut is pressed, for example closing the program or deleting an image.

Continuous actions require mouse movement and are actions that continues until you release its shortcut, for example moving an image or dragging a selection rectangle.

Whether a shortcut is trigger or continuous depends on the action and cannot be changed.

Mouse buttons

Mouse buttons can be used for both continuous and trigger actions. If your mouse has extra buttons, those can be bound too.


Continuous actions don't require a mouse button. Leave the mouse buttons field empty and the continuous action will start as soon as you press its keyboard keys!

Keyboard keys

Specifies which keyboard keys that needs to be pressed to trigger the action.

For non-english letter keys PureRef will try to figure out if it is a standard shortcut key or, if not, allow you to use that letter key when binding your shortcuts.


If you're using a non-english keyboard and a shortcut doesn't seem to work you can try to re-bind it.

Shortcut context

Every trigger action can be set to work in 3 different contexts.

Window contains the shortcut to the particular window that is open, including settings, help and about. The shortcut will trigger as long as the particular window has input focus.

Application contains the shortcut to the PureRef application. The shortcut will trigger as long as PureRef has input focus.

System global makes the shortcut work no matter which application is currently in focus on your desktop.


If you don't see the shortcut context dropdown on an action it means it is a continuous action.

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