Version: 1.11


The most important part of PureRef. Explore all the ways to interact with and organize them.

Adding images

#insert #import

It should be easy to add images. That's why you can do it any way you want.

Paste image



Paste an image from the clipboard.

Paste or drag/drop URL



You can paste a URL straight into the canvas and PureRef will load every image it can find on that page. Dragging and dropping a URL works too.

Dragging & dropping

Drag and drop images from your computer or web browser.

Import images from your computer

Load > Load images


Browse to import images from your computer.

Selecting images

Left MB/Left MB

Select an image by clicking it. Click and drag to create a selection rectangle.

Selecting multiple images

Left MB Shift/Left MB

Hold Shift/ and click to select multiple images.


Left MB Ctrl/Left MB

Grab outside the corners of the transform gizmo, or hold Ctrl/, click left mouse button and drag on the image to rotate it.

Snapped rotate

Left MB CtrlShift/Left MB

Rotate and snap to the nearest 45 degrees. Just hold Shift/ while using the gizmo.


You can reset the size and rotation of images with Reset transform CtrlShiftT/T


Left MB CtrlAlt/Left MB

Use the gizmo or keyboard shortcut to resize an image or note, non-destructively. Pull the image left or right while holding down the shortcut buttons.

Scale from the center of the image with the transform gizmo by holding Alt/


You can reset the size and rotation of images with Reset transform CtrlShiftT/T


Left MB C/Left MB C

Hold the shortcut buttons and drag out a rectangle with the cursor to crop inside the selection. The cropping is non-destructive.

Pan cropping

Left MB V/Left MB V

Move the image around inside the cropping area by holding down the shortcut buttons and then dragging the image around.

Zoom cropping

Left MB ShiftV/Left MB V

Zoom in and out inside the cropped area. Pull the image left or right while holding down the shortcut buttons.

Reset cropping

Images > Selection > Reset cropping


Reset the cropping and restore the image to its original shape and size.

Flip images

Left MB AltShift/Left MB

Flip images manually by holding the shortcut buttons and dragging the cursor in the direction you want to flip them.

Flip horizontally


Flips selection horizontally.

Flip vertically


Flips selection vertically.

Axis snapped move item

Left MB Shift/Left MB

Constrain images to move in straight lines.

Neighbour snapped move item

Left MB ShiftSpace/Left MB Space

Snap move images to the closest edges of other items.

Adjust image opacity

#transparency #transparent #seethrough
Left MB CtrlAltShift/Left MB

Adjust the opacity of the selected image. Hold the shortcut buttons and drag the cursor left or right to decrease or increase opacity.



Press space or double click to zoom in on selected images. Press space or double click again to go back to the previous view. Use the arrow keys to step to the next and previous images, in order of addition to the scene.

Focus next


Step to the next image in order of addition to the scene.

Focus previous


Step to the previous image in order of addition to the scene.


Want to focus the whole canvas instead? CtrlSpace/Space



Slideshow focuses on an image in the selection for 10s (can be changed in settings) before automatically moving on to the next in line. To exit slideshow mode, toggle the shortcut or interact with the scene.

Toggle grayscale

Images > Selection > Toggle grayscale

#greyscale #monochrome #desaturate #black & white

Makes the selected images grayscale.

The grayscale formula used is (r*11+g*16+b*5)/32


Turn everything grayscale instead with Grayscale canvas!

Toggle bilinear sampling

Images > Selection > Toggle bilinear sampling


Switch pixel interpolation of selected images between nearest neighbour and bilinear filtering. In less technical terms, preserves pixel sharpness.


Great for pixel art! A happy pixel art shiba inu dog.

Open source

Images > Selection > Open source

#show #computer #disk #finder #explorer #origin

Opens the original location of an image, either locally on your computer or in the web browser.

Images > Relink missing images

#reimport #recover

If Embed local images is disabled and images cannot be found on disk, a question mark will be displayed instead of the images. If images are moved or renamed, they can be re-linked. Trigger this action or double-click on an image to choose the new sources.

Only local images on disk are able to be linked. Images pasted from the clipboard or added from the internet will be embedded.


Images > Selection > Delete

#remove #discard

Deletes selected images from the scene.

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